Monday, October 5, 2009

Partay down

I really enjoy a good house party. There is something about going to someone's house that feels more important than meeting down at the pub or heading out to dinner, as much as I do enjoy both of those things.

Similarly I enjoy throwing a house party. I don't do it very often, though, because, at the same time, I HATE throwing a party. Because everything seems fine until, say, the few days before the party. It is only then that, with the inevitability of love ending, bananas rotting and looks fading, I suddenly realise several things in quick succession:

1. I have forgotten to invite many, MANY people.
2. Not everybody enjoys listening to Belle and Sebastian for an entire night, particularly not when they're just trying to a)drunk b)get off with someone, yet I have no alternate music choices.
3. The only food I have in the house of cheese.
4. I might have eaten the cheese.


the other kate said...

Perhaps Andy's 'Party Mix' CD from last time can give us a reprieve from Belle & Sebastian and who knows, maybe it will help some people in their romantic endeavours (nothing gets the ladies in the mood like a bit of Tupac). As for the food, I'll bring a plate of something.

my name is kate said...

Oh dear god the Tupac. Make it stop. But don't stress about bringing food: I am hitting the shops today and my loving sister has kindly offered to make some kind of meat-based deliciousness. Which I cannot eat. What a pal.

Dave said...

Oh god. All this talk about Tupac and Belle and Sebastian (and yes, I class them in the same category). I think something may have suddenly come up on Friday. Sorry Kate.