Friday, January 14, 2011

The thing I hate today...

Facebook bores. I don't mean people who update their status' All The Time (because I am almost one of them) nor people who leave utterly inance status updates about their children/pets/accomplishments. I mean people who like to brag that they have either never used Facebook or used to use it but don't anymore as though they believe it makes them a better kind of person than the rest of us. You're not better and nobody cares*.

* Because one of my favourite people in the world is NOT on Facebook I should point out here that my problem isn't with people who don't use Facebook but only with those who think they deserve a medal for it.

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poulomi said...

i am on facebook, my hubby and relatives r on facebk, all my friends r on facebk and the whole wide world is doing facebk. yet i don't like it so much. do you know why? not bcoz i think i am a better person than others and therefore deserve a medal for this, but bcoz many useless people misuse facebk. they kill precious time by bitching, backbiting and gossiping with other losers on facebk. my hubby and i find it difficult to bond with such people. the issue today is not facebk or social networking, but what goes on in the name of social networking!i seriously feel people should spend their spare time more constructively.
nowadays i use facebk to collect vital info from my frndz and i discourage any kind of gossipping. i shun those who do. i have even seen instances where facebk users indulge in cyber bullying.such attitudes r not desirable.
but on the positive side facebk is a great platform for sharing photographs.