Tuesday, November 8, 2011


So I've been a very slack blogger lately because I've been distracted by very dull, very unpleasant things, most of which centres around a bit of unwanted change that has been foistered upon me. Have I mentioned how much I hate change? I hate, hate, HATE it. I hate it like I hate.. well, let me see.... what DO I hate?

Not being able to sleep

The smell of seafood

Suped up ("souped up?") cars and the people who drive them


Tonic water

Laziness, especially my own

Unrequited love (well, come on)


The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul (otherwise known as Sunday evening, TM Douglas Adams)

Finishing a book you love



Pins and needles

February heat

Early nights

Not having a dishwasher


The novels of Dean Koontz

Summer TV

People who cut in line, particularly at bars


My hair

Coming home from an awful day to find no wine in the house

The dripping tap in my bathroom

People who walk across the road reaaaalllyy slowly

Drivers who don't indicate



The day after my birthday

Day-after drunken text remorse

And when you take all of that - the insomnia, the too-bitter drink, lying in bed trying not to hear the drip, the creepy, creepy, creepy crawling bugs and the loafing around listening to Elliot Smith and weeping in the bath - and it's still nothing compared to how much I hate change.


Simeon Dimitri said...

I must concur. In my case, it's as though what I once had is gone. Right as I get a hold of something or become comfortable, it's gone.

my name is kate said...

It's a GRIM feeling.