Thursday, September 5, 2013

Signs I may be a little too obsessed by my cat, Mr Whiskerley.

  1. His name includes an honorific and I'm not as embarrassed about that as I should be.
  2. I fall asleep with him beside me most nights and wake with him beside me most mornings.
  3. I have (genuinely) put off getting out of bed because Mr W has just settled into a new (cute) position leaning against me and I don't want to... hurt his feelings.
  4. I have given him nicknames, including “Whickers” and “Whickerley Woo”.
  5. I imagine I can read his micro-expressions.
  6. I ascribe to him complex emotions when what his “frowny face” probably means is “I am hungry” or “you are sitting in my chair, you bitch”.
  7. I think of the armchair as “Mr Whiskerley’s chair”.
  8. I may have more photos of him on my phone than I do of my husband (I’m too embarrassed to count).
  9. I am writing this blog.

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