Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Help I Need Is Not Available Here (a poem by Alli Warren)

I need help with long term hope

I need help with the dawn
of war and achieving
my new year's resolutions

This praise song
and the problem of pornography
structures this praise song
as speaking placement

I need help moving my chickens
I need help with girl problem
my dog, like, keeps marking the wrong areas?

and my breasts
this most pressing issue
like choosing between best friends
a distance problem involving constant
acceleration and tethering glitches

The party's all "descendant selectors, please!"
and me I'm in my handspring visor
and my bird plucking problem

I need help with a bat script for parsing
I need help with pricing with naming this
praise song I said
I seriously need help with the whole set up ASAP!

so it's
40.08 /100.09 (grams of molecular mass of calcium carbonate) =
moles of calcium

(moles of Calcium x .1973ml (convert grams to ml)) / 0.05

I got 1.580 ml
is that right?

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