Saturday, March 12, 2016

He was Russell Crowe's Stooge

You might think you don't care about Russell Crowe or about journalist Jack Marx. Until last night I pretty much felt the same way. Then the charming Annabel Crabb/Leigh Sales podcast, Chat 10 Looks 3, alerted me to the existence of THIS 8-year-old article and I read it and now I want you to read it too. Seriously: bizarre, very amusingly-written ("like a little boy asked his age by the king, I told him") and just... I don't even know how to describe the circumstances of events it describes so read it now, thank me later.
"It was March 2005 when the Oscar-winning movie star called me. He had read an article I had written - something about how the celebrity magazines make up lies - and had tracked down my number. He wanted to meet over lunch. He asked me if I could be trusted. The last thing he wanted to see in the papers, he said, was some story about my lunch with Russell Crowe. I told him not to worry. I wouldn't want to read that story either."

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