Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sometimes the crying is on the inside, sometimes... it is not

In journalism sometimes it happens that your boss comes to you with an article torn out of another newspaper and the dictum that your (I summarise) write your own version of that story. This does not involve ripping off the article, per se - you still have to do your own research, your own interviews etc - it just means that you're essentially trying to do what someone else has already done, just... under your name.

I mention this as a neat segue to the fact I am blatantly ripping off the diagram below from the wonderful Lindsay, who I miss dearly at the moment thanks to her being a selfish twat who has gone to spend Christmas with her family instead of hanging out with me in the office. Selfish. Anyway, the diagram is awfully good and just about the best pictorial description of what life on a deadline is like that I've seen.

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