Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Things I said while watching Highlander for the first time last night

1. "Wow is that Christopher Lambert? And... is he wearing white sneakers with jeans?"

2. "Why is Sean Connery, who is supposed to be from Egypt or Spain or something, talking with a Scottish accent and Christopher Lambert, who is supposed to be Scottish, talking with a French accent again?"

3. "What was the wig budget on this movie, d'you reckon?"

4. "Um, there was a sequel to this?"


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Lisa said...

While it is science fact that Highlander is mince, let me address point 2:
Sean Connery is AWLAYS Scottish.
Apparently, back in the day, he did a film in - against his better judgement - another accent. And it was woeful (we're talking sub Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins). And he was so raging about nearly ruining his career that he vowed never to attempt another accent again.
And so he has since played King Arthur, a Russian submariner, various Americans and James Bond with his delightful (yes, I'm biased) Edinburgh accent.

Sidebar: James Bond was originally meant to be English, but on seeing Connery's Bond, Ian Fleming loved it so much that he created a whole new Scottish back story for 007 (for most recent example see Skyfall/Home Alone for Spies).

Final irrelevant fact - although widely regarded as a total douche, having met La Connery (very briefly, for work) I can confirm that he is a twinkly old fucker and you totally would.
Hope that....helps....?