Sunday, February 23, 2014

The run continues

I love going to the movies. I love everything about it: the darkness, the fact that you're forced to focus on the screen and nothing else, the enforced laziness of sitting in a chair for two hours and the ability to get carried away by a story.  I like to see a lot of movies because I like to make up my own mind about whether I like them: part of what I understand about the movie-going experience is that there will be good ones and there will be bad ones. That's the deal I sign on for.

So it strikes me as unusual that the last three movies I've seen - Her, Inside Llewyn Davies and most recent Blue is the Warmest Colour - have all been freaking tremendous. I came out of Her buzzing, thinking "I can't remember the last time I saw a movie that made me feel like that". And I came out of ILD feeling exactly the same way... and ditto for Blue. In each case the movie has stayed with me for days and I've found myself wanting to go back to the cinema for a repeat viewing. It's very weird.

Part of me has wondered if I'm just become less picky than I used to be, if nowadays I'm prepared to call any 7/10 movie "wonderful. life changing etc". But I don't think so. Instead I think that for some reason - luck, good instincts, all of the above - I've just had a terrific run of movies. I don't know when it well end - maybe never. Maybe I'll never see a bad movie again, Perhaps I'm destined to see modern classic after modern classic for the rest of my movie-going life.

I certainly have high hopes for the next movie on the list: Vampire Academy*.

* So I'm only sort of taking the piss because although I really doubt VA will continue my run it's based on a fantastic book series and I'm genuinely super excited for it so there.

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