Monday, February 10, 2014

Things I have learned about myself after 2 months of dramatically increased exercise:

1. I need to buy sneakers. Continuing to wear my Fred Perrys like the gym hipster is now borderline unacceptable. Also I think the sole is starting to peel off one of them.

2. I am a cheapskate. At least when it comes to spending money on exercise clothes. See my point above: I think nothing of dropping pennies on a cute dress or pair of flats but will I shell out for a pair of running shoes that don't leave my feet aching after a body attack class? I will not. This also explains why I spend most gym classes loping around the room in a baggy tshirt I once got free with a copy of Marie Claire magazine. True story.

3. I cannot exercise alone in a gym and be reasonably trusted to tire myself out. I used to hate group fitness classes but they work because I am too shamed to stop when I'm tired when others are watching.

4. I'm not sure I believe in the whole post-exercise high thing. I mean endorphins... I guess they exist but when people talk about the amazing natural high they get after a grueling run or gym class I wonder what I'm doing wrong or what they're doing right. In no way does my feeling of smug satisfaction post-workout equate to a natural high. Possibly the closest the people who promote this bullshit have ever been to a not-so-natural high is a big glass of red cordial when they were 7.

5. I will never look as good as Olivia Newton John in a headband.

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