Monday, April 7, 2014

Just for today, give me this

I am so over people. I know I’m just having a bad day. I know people are not all bad. On the contrary I believe most people are nice or at least good, honestly I do. But today… well, today people are just The Worst.

I am over people at work. I am over pitching stories, working hard on stories and not seeing those stories run or seeing them cut to shit. I am over having to make conversation, take an interest in other people’s lives and answer my damn phone. I am over people blaming their mistakes on me.

I am over people outside of work who run down my employer and/or my profession even though they don't understand it or, possibly worse, ask if I've been on holiday because they haven’t seen my name in the paper for awhile. Tip to the world: PLEASE NEVER SAY THAT TO A JOURNALIST UNLESS YOU HATE THEM AND WANT TO MAKE THEM CRY.

I am over the person who emailed me today to tell me what an awful person I was for trying to do my job in the least invasive and traumatic way possible. I am over what a bitch she was, even if she had a right to be pissed at me, and I am over fighting the urge to be a bitch back. I am super over the way she corrected my spelling. I mean, whatafuckingbitch.

I am over the person who keeps harassing me to do a story on something that is not a subject I cover and is not a story anyway. I am over her passive aggression and her stupid follow-up emails. I am over the way my heart sinks when I hear her voice.

I am over the woman at the local café who I swear smirks at me every time I go in because she probably thinks I’m a loser for drinking so much hot chocolate.

I am over my friend of 10+ years who got married and from whom I literally never heard again. I am over the fact she is now pregnant and the only way I know that is because I’m Facebook friends with her husband.

I am over friends who never ever instigates catch-ups and leave me secretly suspecting that they hate me.

I am over the woman who takes my Monday morning Body Pump class and always stuffs up the routines or makes her own changes that confuse everyone, including me. I am over the girl who was in front of me today and couldn’t get the timing right. I am over the other girl who put her bench super close to mine even though there was a tonne of room. I am over the guy at the desk who spoke to me that one time and now acts like we didn’t have a proper conversation ever and he doesn’t even recognise me. I am NOT over the good instructor who takes my Body Attack class and on whom I have a deep non-sexual crush based on admiration of her upper arms.

Today I am basically over the world.

Tomorrow: free hugs!

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