Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hate and love

Love: The Man Repeller. Being funny and clever at the same time is hard. Being funny and clever about a subject like fashion is very hard indeed.

Hate: Mamamia.com.au Do I need to explain why? It's because they're shit, okay.

Love: A Girl Called Jack. I felt for Jack Monroe when I read her heartbreaking "Hunger Hurts" blog as a single Mum on benefits in the UK struggling to get buy on feck all money. I fell for Jack Monroe when I received her cookbook in the post (proceeds to charity ya'll, get on it) and found her recipes to be simple, charming and tasty as.

Hate: The level of condescension I've encountered in an, um, new work-related venture.

Love: The generosity of some people I deal with at work. I'm not a very generous person but I admire the quality in others and some people continue to astound when it comes to how freely they give of their time, ideas and words.

Hate: Logging onto Twitter. Okay, I don't hate it at all - Twitter is a hugely useful resource and mostly very entertaining. At the moment though... I just can't take it. Too much I say.

Love: Joel Dicker's novel The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair. The art of writing a well-written page turner never fails to impress.

Hate: Getting out of bed at 5.30am to go to the gym before work now it's dark and cold and Mr Whiskerley is usually draped over my head.

Love: Feeling strong and fit. I only started exercising regularly to lose some weight but the thing I love best, okay next to the fact I can eat cake and not put on weight, is the new muscles I've discovered in my arms and legs. I'm lame, this I know.

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