Monday, August 25, 2014

I tried

For Peter Capaldi and his wonderfully craggy face I tried. But although I perpetually feel like I should slip perfectly into the demographic of Dr Who fans - I love science fiction AND cheese AND camp and just this kind of thing - somehow I just... don't. Half an hour into last night's first episode of the newest season I was, well, not just lost (no surprise there given it was the first episode I've tried to watch from the start) but a little bit bored. It all just seemed... silly and if you think I'm being a TV snob or patronising-as-fuck bear in mind this is coming from someone who watches (and loves) Witches of East End. I mean... WITCHES OF EAST END, PEOPLE: this is a show that had an episode last week called "When a Mandragora loves a Woman". and I watched it and it was awesome. Maybe I'll try again while the latest episode is still on iView - I so very much want to be a Whovian - but maybe not. Maybe this time I'll have to accept that some things just aren't for me and file this one alongside Lionel Ritchie and the novels of Hilary Mantel*.

* Please, don't write and tell me how good Wolf Hall is. I'm sure it's great. I know it must be great, that many people have told me it's great. I've bought this novel as a present for other people and I have tried to get into it myself but It's. Not. Happening. For. Me. Ever.

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