Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Also the bit about jellied breast milk is... yeah, it's something.

There are many elements of this Annabel Crabb/Leigh Sales interview to enjoy. Whether you have an interest in politics or women's issues or anything really it's just delightful. It also feels like a rare treat to read an interview like this involving two smart and funny women who obviously just like each other and seem to be having a grand old time. As much fun as the entire thing was to read I think only this bit made me really laugh out loud in delight because, well: ew.
"For the book, I collected war stories. The best one is this woman I talked to who managed to hold up her end of an international teleconference work call at 5.30am while the family guinea pig was giving birth next door. Screams of delight turned to horror when the daddy guinea pig started eating the baby guinea pigs. She dealt with all this while still holding up her end of this call. That’s hardcore. I do think there are a lot of women who do this juggle, have stories like this. I find it a kind of exhilarating part of life. It’s kind of hilarious and a bit madcap. You cry probably more of the time than you should. But it also feels like life, and I think it’s sad that a lot of blokes get curtained off from that kind of experience."
You can and you should read the whole thing here.

N.B: In a superficial takeaway I think I want to look like Annabel Crabb when I grow up. For realsies.

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