Sunday, May 31, 2015

New month resolutions

1. I will try to blog more. Had a real regular thing going there for a time.

2. I will keep running.

3. I will stop using social media to creep on people.

4. I will consider eating fewer Caramello Koalas.

5. I will NOT forget the word to Modern Major General, given the bitch it was to learn them.

6. I will be nicer to other people and resist my hermit impulses... at least some of the time.

7. I will not drink Diet Coke more than twice a month even when I'm super hungover and only a "black aspirin" will do.

8. I will be more frugal and really work at clearing some more debt.

9. I will remind myself, at every opportunity, that stressing about something happening does not actually increase or decrease the likelihood that thing will happen.

10. I will convince Andy to join me in a Felicity retrospective.

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