Monday, February 25, 2008

You know what really grinds my gears?

I am sitting here trying not to be negative. I am trying to be a warm ball of pure light and not a simmering mass of rage and despair but… seriously? Dude? You’re a cock. I can take your long, smug self-congratulatory ‘explanations’ whenever you think I don’t understand something or (more likely) have just fucked something up because I couldn’t give a shit about the fucking profit box but I can’t take… oh wait, not I CAN”T take those fucking patronising waffles served up as helpful pointers and guaranteed to answer 20 questions I never asked and ignore the one I did. And that sort-of-weary-hard-done by look? Yeah THAT ONE. I fucking hate that too you oxygen thief. And, hey, the next time you want to lay some wisdom on me why don’t you get up from behind your fucking computer and COME OVER TO ME. I don’t appreciate being called like a dog and treated like a child. I don’t appreciate your HUMOURLESS fucking refusal to understand when I’m making a joke and I really don’t appreciate you kinda bullying me a bit, just a bit maybe, because you know you can get away with it. It’s people like you who make me want to kill myself, then everyone else around me. It’s people like you who deserve to be run down in the street and buried in an unmarked grave it is most definitely people like you, you MOTHERFUCKING WASTE OF SPACE, TIME AND ENERGY, who should crawl the fuck back up your mother’s c*nt and fuck off already. Oh and it’s definitely people like you who grind my gears.

SIDEBAR: Apologies Alley Cat and Ruthie for using the c-bomb. I feel it was justified but I have starred out the u just for you two.


Lindsay said...

A well-placed "c-bomb" is worth a thousand words. You totally should have pretended you had "women's troubles" and come and drank beer with me.

my name is kate said...

True dat and true dat. I achieved nothing at work anyway. It was a BAD day.