Tuesday, July 29, 2008

An open letter

Dear Brendan,

Suck shit.

Love me

PS- Your face looks like a turd.


Anonymous said...

Hows big KRUDD traveling there?

County looking ok there?

Business confidence ok?

Forcing the cost of living up there?

Has he done anything but blow smoke up his ass in an attempt to artificiality force himself into the history books as the PM who so self righteously said 'sorry' and is now positioning himself as the savior of the environment..greatest 'green' PM ever??

Let me ask you this...how will KRUDD look in 10 or 20 years?

Arrogance and self gratification personified!

my name is kate said...

Now, now, don't try to get me too worked up, tiger - I am having a very zen morning.

You know as well as I that Ruddy is not exactly responsible for the US economy hitting the shit and oil prices going mental. And I also think that you are starting to love him, just a little bit, if you'd only admit it...

Anonymous said...

hehe...not even in the slightest.

I have had thoughts of hitting him until his rounded moon face turns inside out.

I really really really dislike the man.

Sorry to disturb your zen...i'm having a good morning as well....trying to secure your employers continuing business actually :)

my name is kate said...

Oh you know you do - you love him, you want to have all kinds of babies with him. You want to dip his head in oil and rub it all over your body...

Anonymous said...

yes...right after the feats of strength as part of feastivous!

my name is kate said...