Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Scenes from a workplace #64

Me: Answering the phone at 10pmish at the pub: Hello?
Boss: Hi it's (Boss' name) look I'm just wondering if you know what time (important conference) is on tomorrow?
(Long silence in which I wonder if it's possible to guess)
Me: Maybe um... 10am? No wait 9am? Wait... (spotting passing waiter) I think that wine is mine... um I mean yeah sometime tomorrow... maybe.
(Another long silence in which only scorn is audible)
Boss: Right. So... no idea then?
(Brief pause)
Me: No, not technically.
Boss: Right.
Me: Sorry I'm qui- (luckily by this time said boss has hung up - thank fuck).


Dave said...


my name is kate said...

And tHis morning I got in to find I'm not doing the conference after all. Hmmm...

observer said...

You should have said "Between 8 and 11.30". Hey just because it's the whole morning doesn't mean you any less right.

Orhan Kahn said...