Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mice and men

Things I plan to do in London but will almost certainly not do:
1. Visit all the galleries and museums I missed last time. Have deep and profound thoughts while admiring Manet. Um, you know, kind of like that scene in Ferris Bueller.
2. Really Get Down To Some Serious Writing.
3. Go for long walks in Richmond Park, possibly while writing or reading sonnets of, um, some kind.
4. See intelligent plays and talk about them intelligently afterwards. Berets are optional.

Things I do not (necessarily) plan to do in London but almost certainly will:
1. Get hideously drunk and waste days on couch with aching head, eating potato gems and watching Hollyoaks.
2. Spent 'writing time' either reading trashy Twilight books acquired for the sole purpose of delightful plane reading or watching various trashy DVDs acquired as gifts.
3. Blow large wad of cash on delicious Topshop purchases completely unsuitable for the Australian climate.
4. Freeze my tits off.

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