Monday, April 20, 2009

Has anybody been to Planet in Mt Lawley lately?

Because I don't want to alarm you but Russell Brand's freaking doppleganger is now working there.


Rebecca said...

Even pictures like that can't stop my Russell Brand love. Insatiable!

my name is kate said...

Did you see him on Charlie Brooker's most recent newswipe at the G20 protest?

REPORTER: Why are you here what are you angry about?
RB: I ain't angry.
REPORTER: So why are you here?
RB: I live here.

Rebecca said...

I did and I was disappointed that he didn't deign to strip down like he did at an earlier protest back in his MTV days. Like he said (somewhere, I'm not sure where) the difference is he is no longer on drugs, and also he is famous.

He's a loon but I can't help my love.