Friday, May 22, 2009

New ways I have found to procrastinate after taking 2 weeks off to "get some proper writing done":

1. Spending an hour meandering through Ikea, browsing bath mats.
2. Buying a 'writing table' from Ikea.
3. Looking for screwdriver in order to assemble the table, then getting distracted and cleaning out the kitchen cupboard instead.
4. Assembling table, then trying to find a use for the leftover screws.
5. Eating a plate of cheese because there is nothing else to eat in the fridge.
6. Rewatching Wonder Boys and wondering if there is ANY CHANCE Robert Downey Junior and Tobey Maguuire ever had sex in real life.
7. Googling "Robert Downey Junior" + "ho-yay".
8. Having a cold shower.


Bolton said...

We should hang out more.

Big Man H said...

Sometimes i think you would be better off as a gay man Kate. Sometimes.

Shinynewcoin said...

Rdj Definitely had sex with the mcguire kid. A least in my head anyway. Sounds like the perfect holiday xx

my name is kate said...

Yeah sometimes I think I have, you know, PROBLEMS.

Dave said...

I hate Ikea. Think I may have mentioned that before but.

my name is kate said...

Oh yeah I nearly blogged about my FUCKED experience. Those bloody stooges wouldn't let me take a trolley to me car, meaning I had to single-handedly drag a giant table and a fecking set of plates/bowls etc to my car with one dinky shoulder, nearly breaking the lot in the process. Balls to that. I was so furious I nearly got into Angry Letter Writer mode before I took several deep breaths.

Lindsay said...

I just watched The Outsiders. OH god. Yum. PS I love your novel. For many reasons I won't mention on a public forum.

my name is kate said...