Sunday, May 8, 2011


PROS: He dresses like a dream. Seriously, the fit on those pants is just fucking amazing.

CONS: He is almost certainly a huge, giant, just gigantic wanker.

PROS: How does he get his hair to stay like that while he's cycling? I want to bury my face in it, even thought it would doubtless end up smeared in whatever kind of product he's got going on there.

CONS: Seriously, I just can't believe he doesn't sometimes wank to a photo of himself or - at the very least - wink at himself in the mirror.


Anonymous said...

WA Helmet laws: destroying cycling fashion since 1990.


my name is kate said...

It's a tragedy.

LTRowley said...

I seriously recommend wearing a helmet.

my name is kate said...

ah Laurence, you do make a good point. Flat hair the price to pay for unmashed noggin'?