Sunday, May 29, 2011

I mean "ashamed": Really, girls?

Most of the time being a woman is awesome. Every so often, however, I read something like this (courtesy of the Daily Maily) -
"Women find happy men significantly less sexually attractive than those who swagger or brood, researchers said today. They are least attracted to smiling men, instead preferring those who looked proud and powerful, or moody and ashamed, according to a study."

- and feel a teensy bit embarrassed for how lame we are.


JB said...

All subjective nonsense IMO, everyone has a variety of angles attempting to appeal to the other sex, and everyone is attracted to different aspects of the other sex throughout their lives. I don't think women who go for proud men are lame. And women who go for damaged men are usually damaged themselves.

Someone should study the Nerd appeal. I'm a nerd, my fiance is gorgeous (bias, whatever). I have a lot of nerd friends with good looking partners. Beauty and the Geek coming to a bar near you!

my name is kate said...

I'm with on the nerd thing, JB. My boyfriend is a huge nerd and nerdy types are just about the only kind I go for. I'd love to write a post if I could figure out what made them so damn appealing. Any theories?

JB said...

Nerd appeal? Hard to put a finger on it. Generally nerds are pretty successful among their demographic I think, and a vast majority of my colleagues enjoy fit, healthy and active lifestyles as I (try to) do. Nerds come in all shapes sizes and styles I suppose, but regarding the stereotypes, if they suck at dress sense, what's stopping the partner from buying them clothes? Too busy gaming? Too busy for ussy-pay.

And let's face it, how many times does your computer break, and the nerdy boyfriend fixes shit? For you, your mum, aunts uncles...nerds can be handy too.

Anonymous said...

Possibly the most amazing blog that I read all year dresses with sleeves!?!