Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Only 113?

Have I linked to this post, 113 Reasons To Lead A Barren, Childless Existence That Ends In Your Death, by the charming Tara Ariano before? I feel like I have but... fuck it, I want to do it again. From now on whenever someone asks me why I don't want kids I plan to direct them to this link and say nothing more.


The Worst of Perth said...

They always protest so much these "I don't want to have kids" types. Even though nobody ever asks them, they're always posting on blogs or jumping into other conversations that didn't mention at all forcing them to have childeren to reiterate how they have a right never to have children. Ok, whatever.
The reasons always seem so petty and bitterly unfunny, particularly in the link you give. "Stretch marks"! No stop you're killing me. Soooooo funny. It seems fairly obvious they they are failing quite badly to convince themselves. She claims she gets asked all the time about a 2004 blog post. Pfft. Liar. She asks herself about it constantly and can't answer. You don't need a psych degree to diagnose that one. No-one asks her except herself. No-one else would be in the slightest bit interested.

my name is kate said...

Oh dear.

I actually think the post is supposed to be mostly straight, not 113 Gags About Why Having Kids is Kraaaazee. But I'm watching The Bachelorette as I type this so I can't say I've put a hell of a lot of thought into it.