Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What is...

... UP with these cute wee ecards popping up all over the place? It started with a trickle - I spotted one on someone else's blog - and is now an official torrent - I had five, yes FIVE, emailed to me today. Madness. Anyway, because I have nothing of interest to say here are some I found kinda goofy.


Ohhell said...

a) You're clearly not drinking with me on Friday so I hate you and I shall go out with our other best friend instead and say things about you.
b)I am also working on Sunday. Let's be friends again then.
c) Also the pic cartoon thing about breakups (on a scale on one to Adele, how bad was your breakup?) I thought it was HIlarire

my name is kate said...

That Adele one WAS cute. Also you and I have not been drinking in ages. Why do you hate me? I hate you? No I don't I take that back. God I hate working Sundays.