Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Token Smokin' Hottie: Mark Ruffalo

This one hurts, I can't lie. Last night, while watching the (completely excellent - go and watch it now) film, You Can Count On MeAndy made a throwaway comment about Mark Ruffalo slightly resembling my brother. Which... no. I don't see it. I will never see it and I don't think it's just because I really don't want to see it. Even so I nearly avoided posting this one because, you know, weird. Then I took a long hard look at myself and realised I shouldn't, nay, couldn't deprive the world - by which I mean my modest blog readership - of the gift of Mark Ruffalo with that little hint of a smile, that jaw and a body just begging to let it run to fat. However, in the interest of non-awkward sibling relations I will refrain from telling you what I'd like to do to him. For now.

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