Friday, January 9, 2015

A boring list of things that are making me happy

1. Chocolate chips on my porridge. It started as a special treat. It's became a daily fixture. Is it wrong? I don't care. It tastes right.

2. A Visit From the Goon Squad which I'm reading about 100 years after everyone else. Despite being a keen reader I still have this weird hang-up sometimes that critically lauded books are going to be hard to get into. What a pill. So imagine my delight that this book has turned out to be a cracker.

3. The world of graphic novels. Between Saga and Y: The Last Man I feel like I've discovered (yeah, I know, shut up) a whole new genre of kinda-books to explore.

4. Trips out of town. Three days in Dunsborough and it felt like a month, in the best possible way. Must. Leave. Town. More. Often.

5. Movies. Into the Woods, Birdman and Theory of Everything will soon be mine. After a mini-drought it's exciting to be, you know, excited about so many new films coming out. Make mine a boysenberry choc bomb, thanks.

6. Friday. Well, you know, I'm only human IF YOU CUT ME DO I NOT BLEED?

N.B: The photo above comes from someone else's blog but it's a pretty fair representation of what I just finished chowing down.

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