Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ex Machina is a film apparently made simply to please me (and frankly it's about time)

1. It's about artificial intelligence, one of my favourite sub-genres in the broad church of science fiction.
2. Features object of my affection Oscar Isaac, who has made me love all kinds of things I didn't think I could love - a list that apparently now includes beards.
3. Features another OOMA affection Domhnall Gleeson - who continues to pop up in projects I love, which makes me only more certain that he and I are destined to be together forever.
4. Written and directed by Alex Garland, who as both writer and director is very much in my wheelhouse. By which I mean I think he and I both really enjoyed seeing Cillian Murphy naked that one time.
5. Seems creepy as hell.

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