Monday, March 16, 2015

Things I ate today: A chocolate gold coin.

The appearance: It looks like a gold coin. Not like an actual coin you or I have ever used but sort of like the fake gold coins you see in bad fantasy TV adaptations. A little too big and prone to melting if left out in the sun, so not super practical as a currency.

The taste: It tastes like… inexpensive chocolate. That’s not a slam – I like inexpensive chocolate – but it’s a bit like those random Easter eggs you wind up hoovering up around this time of year.

The verdict: The chocolate tastes like compound and is maybe a bit sweet. Set against that is the undeniable fact that it’s a little bit fun to unwrap it from its coin package. Would I eat a block of this chocolate or, say, a whole bag of coins? Sure, if I was bored, hungry or in the mood for chocolate. But if I wanted to eat a lot of chocolate and had the choice I’d probably opt for a more premium chocolate of the Lindt or Green & Black variety. But for a cheeky morning pick me up that makes me feel, however briefly, like I should be wearing a jerkin, carrying a double-handed axe and collecting gems from the bodies of ogres, this is a win.

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