Monday, April 6, 2015

Cooking and eating goals for 2015 or How I Plan to Become a Domestic Goddess

1. Learn how to make a decent hollandaise.

2. Make a decent hollandaise.

3. Bake a loaf of bread that doesn't have the consistency of a large, edible doorstop.

4. Expand my recipe repertoire.

5. Find a way to stop Mr Whiskerley from killing my herb garden with his big furry grey arse. (To clarify: my cat likes to curl up on top of my herbs on rainy days. It's cute but enraging)

6. Make proper lunches to take to work, rather than eating my own body weight in toasted sandwiches 5 days a week.

7. Learn how to cook more vegan food so I can have Clowney to dinner more often.

8. Invite people for dinner more often.

9. Trade out my 70% cocoa chocolate habit for a 85% cocoa chocolate habit because apparently that's the only way I'm not going to die of dementia.

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