Monday, January 21, 2008

I want to do you slowly, mate

There’s a moment in the musical Keating! when Paul Keating breaks off from a rap battle with Liberal opposition leader John Hewson to segue into a Barry Manilowesque “I wanna do you slowly (holy moly)” duet with Hewson. That was pretty much the moment I died and went up to heaven.

Watching Alexander Downer writhe onstage in a corset and fishnets (“I’m just too freaky”), listening to Gareth Evans and Cheryl Kernot’s love duet and seeing PK do reggae (“I am the ruler of the land… who’s da man? You’re da man – Yes I am”) I laughed until I nearly wept. Listening to PK croon “The Light on the Hill” after being beaten by dicksnap Howard I nearly cried for everything the country had lost.

See it now with the warm chime of Labor’s victory still ringing in your ears.


Dave said...

And how warm it is...

my name is kate said...

I know. But how depressing would Keating! have been if you saw it before the election? I think I would have just opened the wrists then and checked out. As it is I'm full of warm optimism. Hurrah.

Anonymous said...

Hows that economy going since labor took over?

Market down 22% and counting.

Sorry apology coming that will result in compensation worth billions.

Inflation on the rise due to over committed spending.

...and so on

At least the wales are safe...ohh wait! whoops!

Anonymous said...

and by wales I meant whales.

Im sure those in the South East of England are safe from PM Rudd.

Anonymous said...

and by south east I meant south west.


can't frickin edit anonymous posts once published.

my name is kate said...

Anonymous, anonymous, anonymous – where do I start?

Firstly only a woefully ignorant boob would think a government that’s been in power for as long as Rudd’s has could stuff it up an economy in this sort a time. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Besides, the economy is actually in pretty good shape – the sharemarket may be tanking but we’ve got good economic indicators coming out practically every day. There will surely be a downturn because of the US but that was going to happen whoever was in charge.

As for saying sorry… it’s not about compensation – that’s a truly disgusting attitude I can’t even go into right now. But it’s gross. Have some fucking compassion, dude, or find another fucking country.

And the Liberals had pledged more in spending than Labor.

More than that I want more than a good economy from my government. I know the economy is hugely important but the Libs had a good economy and they didn’t use it for good. I want a government that stands for something other than forking more fat into fucking middle-to-upper Australia and putting a plasma screen in every Bogan’s home.

Anonymous said...

The unions are the ones who put LCD's (get with the times katey :P) in bogans homes.

It's all about confidence..and at the moment, there is none. No one knows how this government is going to perform. But the majority are betting on them not doing a great job.

On the sorry thing. You know full well that some aboriginals will use an apology as a means to get as much as they think they deserve for their injustice.

I agree it was misplaced intentions to try and help young kids in sub standard living conditions break out of the cycle of violence and hardship. You never hear of the "stolen generation" who went on to break the sterotype and become upstanding members of the community and made something of their lives.

PS. massive fan of Paul Keeting...might have voted labor if he was still running the show.

I always want to do xxx slowly mate!

Dave said...

Stop taking the bait Kate. You know he's dangling it in front of you.

my name is kate said...

I know but I can't help it...

Anonymous said...


I'' use a heavier sinker next cast!

Dave said...


Altissima said...

"Barry Manilowesque" ?!?
...White-esque, surely?