Thursday, June 5, 2008


And the cunt of the week is... Mr Peter Kavanagh. Take a bow, Pete. Actually, come a bit closer to me so I can use a staple gun on your balls.
AN anti-abortion MP has sparked outrage after emailing Victorian colleagues a graphic image of a fetus being operated on. DLP Upper House MP Peter Kavanagh
yesterday emailed all state MPs an image of a then 21-week-old fetus being operated on. The fetus appears to be holding the hand of a medico, who was performing life-saving surgery. The fetus was not being aborted but was used by Mr Kavanagh as evidence that life does not start at birth.
You can read the whole story, and have an aneurysm, here.


Anonymous said...

Life doesn't begin at foetal stage...our dear Mister Kavanagh is proof that for some, intelligent life never begins.

As the wise and wonderful Patsy would say: "Abort, abort, abort, I say...chuck it down the pan!"

my name is kate said...

True that.