Sunday, June 8, 2008

I can neither confirm nor deny

Some time back a fellow blogette and I floated the idea of starting an anonymous blog where we could store the things we can't air on a public blog where the people who read it know who we are. The idea being that, given we have friends, colleagues and family members reading our respective blogs, there are a great many things we would rather like to be able to blog about but cannot. It was a nice idea then and it's a nice idea still - I might get around to it one day but until then anyone looking for a blog devoted to one of those things I certainly can't blog about might want to check out Girl With a One Track Mind. And then you should probably thank your sweet, if nonexistant, God I don't write about that stuff.


observer said...

I have been thinking of that for a few weeks. But given my inability to say anything intelligent on one blog I wonder how I'd go with two.

Anonymous said...

So when does Katy's 'things I can't say on my blog' get rolling?

my name is kate said...

Yeah right after you never get the address - what about that??