Saturday, June 28, 2008

The gym dance

The night before: I'm totally going to go. Look, I'm putting my running shoes by the beside next to those running pants that make my bottom look quite good. See, there you go, I'm setting the alarm for 6.30am. *Yawn*

6.30am: Wha- the? Fuck no, snooze!

6.45am: It is FREEZING. My feet have actually turned to blocks of ice. Surely getting up in this temperature can't be right? I'll just wait for them to thaw...
6.50am: Probably still have time? Maybe?

6.55am: Maybe not.

7am: Okay definitely not.

7.05am: I could still totally make it. If I wanted.

7.15am: Bath instead?

7.16am: Oh yeah - bath instead. Where's my book?


Dave said...

haha been there - I paid for a membership at a gym for an entire 12 months. During that 12 months I visited the gym twice. I'm still a little ashamed.

my name is kate said...

Well the work gym is free so I'm under even less obligation to go. THough, that much said, did I go this morning? Yes I did. Boo-ya.

Anonymous said...

During your lunch break Katey!!

Only time to go it...mornings are so not going to happen, and after work is just as tough.

Nothing better than escaping for an hour during a tough work day...consider it.......

Anonymous said...

I was going to go to the gym this morning.

But it was too cold and wet.

So I convinced myself that going into the city to buy a Wii Fit would be a totally acceptable and commendable substitute.

They were sold out. So I came home and drank wine. And made a roast. And ate a bag of Twisties.

Good day really.

my name is kate said...

Sounds fucking excellent.