Sunday, September 21, 2008

The week that wasn't

I have been a slacker blogger this week. And no excuses but here's what has been keeping me busy this (slack) week.

1. Work. Like the stoner friend sleeping indefinitley on your couch work started off the week as a pleasant distraction and quickly became the bane of my existence. Please just don't tell me it's Sunday already.

2. Buffy. I was a massive fan of the Buffster first time around and am currently involved in something of a rival. If you don't get a frisson of excitement at the sight of Anthony Stuart Head (AKA "Giles") in a cardigan then I just don't know about you. The perfect antidote to a rough day at the office.

3. Wine. Bit of a moment this week when I found myself absolutely freaking johnsing for a glass of wine one night when there was none to be found. One of those defining 'do I or so I not have a drinking problem?' moments. I think I passed the test.

4. Book buying. Here I may actually have a problem but honestly it's not MY fault: it's the fault of the second hand bookshop that is closing down and insists on having a perpetual fifty per cent off sale. It is easily the best second hand bookshop I've ever seen and I am now officially its bitch.


Anonymous said...

I have been watching Buffy (and X-Files) and Angel on Sci-FI...very enjoyable...and I remember deeply my massive crush on Buffy...I was massively jealous if anyone touched her!!

Angel was a better show overall...just finished up too soon. Spike was a legend (cept when he got with Buffy!)

my name is kate said...

hehe, bless you're SUCH a Xander. First three seasons of Buffy are so so good. I enjoy the campness of Angel (the episode where he turns into a puppet?? Fucking priceless) but the original is still the best.

shiny said...

Which bookshop? Where? I want to go there immediately.

my name is kate said...

It's awesome - can't recommend it enough. "Mainly Books" on Bulwer St in Northbridge - shutting down in maybe 2 weeks though so hurry!