Monday, November 3, 2008

Dear Melbournites, a self serving love letter:

Whenever I mention the fact that I've never been to Melbourne before people invariably have the same reaction. "Ohmigod but you'll LOVE IT" they say, unless they are over the age of about 35 in which case you can omit the "ohmigod".

To which I reply with a guilty smile "I know, I've always... meant to go." And I have - I've just never got around to it.

So imagine my excitement at the fact that I leave for my first ever Melbourne trip in about... um 36 hours. Ish. I think. Maybe a bit... more? Less? Okay, on Wednesday. I leave on Wednesday.

The pathetic bit is that I have no idea what I want to do over there. Oh okay I know I want to hang out with my preggers sister and get boozed in front of her just to make her jealous. I know I want to poke around cute wee shops and sup at delicious drinks in delightful bars and cafes. But... specific locations? I don't know. My mind goes blank. I just don't KNOW Melbourne. At all.

That's where you come in readers because, clearly, if you read this blog even semi regularly you're My Kind of People as well as being the kind of people who have a leetle bit too much spare time on their hands (hey, no offence: me too).

So to those who have dabbled in what Melbourne have to offer and lived to tell the tale and make me feel guilty for not having been before, please, tell me: what should I do?


Orhan Kahn said...

People give me the impression that Melbourne is some sort of Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory. I don't know about you but of the handful of children that went into that sucker only one came out, if that says anything at all.

CB One said...

I have a list - and shall email it to you.

Anonymous said...

Ok, finally something constructive from Anonymous :P

Obviously Lygon St is a go in Carlton, and while your around that area maybe visit the's actually not that bad.

In the CBD just across from Flinders Station look for a lane way about 50 meters down from the CityGate coffee and breakfast in the CBD...but if you walk through the lane ways and ally's you will find little interesting shops and great food all round.

Get to Chadstone Shopping Center only cause it's the largest in the southern hemisphere.

Melb Sushi Rolls...get into em...we pay a ridiculous premium here in Perth for Sushi!

the other kate said...

movida tapas in the city is freaking awesome, can't remember how they were on the vego stuff but at least a drink in their next-door bar would be lovely. and i think you'd like the little bit of greville st near chappel st for shopping and peering about.