Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Until then...

So I'm off to Melbourne for the week. Being the dorkus malorkus I am, I may do some on-the-road blogging but then again I may not. If Obama doesn't win they can fish my body out of, um, I don't know a pint somewhere. I shall miss you.

In the meantime I can do no better than point you in the direction of my favourite distractables. If you haven't been to Go Fug Yourself you haven't lived. If you're not into making fun of silly chicks in dopey outfits (come on!) Stuff White People Like is just about funny enough to make you feel vaguely superior to everyone who doesn't read it, while I Watch Stuff is like film porn. Um without the, you know, titties. And if I haven't recommended Television Without Pity to you before now then are we even friends? Or if you want to get even vaguely cerebral head to the guardian and check out CHarlie Brooker. And know that by "cerebral" I mean "scatalogical".

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