Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Token Smokin' Hottie: Alexander Skarsgard

It has been said of me, from time to time, that I certainly have a type. One of the first things I ever put on this blog, as part of my profile, was that I was into skinny boys. This is true. I could go on about how this started, and waffle on about the lovely sight of a jutting hip bone but a)I believe I have covered both of those matters on here quite extensively, and b)I want to talk to you about Alexander Skarsgard, who does not fit my type at all.

Alexander, or, as I like to call him “Oh, Alexander”. I don’t know what it is about him. Or, rather, I do know exactly what it is about him: he plays a fictional character on TV on whom I have a raging crush. What a sucker I am.

For those of you who aren’t fans of the truly brilliant soft-core porn vampire romp that is the wonderful series True Blood I will try not to get too carried away with hyperbole. Let it simply be said that it is the most delightful, improbably camp, over-the-top and generally enjoyable a piece of TV I’ve seen since Gossip Girl. And for my money it is a lot better than Gossip Girl.

Alexander gets a tick straight off the bat for playing what is generally an extremely cool character on True Blood: he gets the best lines, he steals a scene by raising an eyebrow, he’s a VIKING for crying out loud. A. Viking. And did I mention his scenes are about 80 per cent ho-yay? That much said, Alexander could be the star of a seven-hour documentary on taxation reform and I would stay glued to my screen.

It’s something about his bone structure… or his eyes… or… frick, I don’t know, maybe his height: somehow he takes up a lot of room in that really comforting way some people do. Almost certainly it’s got something to do with the way he is in motion because, although the photo above isn’t dreadful, it really doesn’t do him justice. I could politely shake the hand of the man above and offer him a kiss on the cheek. Face to face with the Alexander I see on screen I would be elbow-deep in Skarsgard before he could get out the first syllable of his “hello”.

Mmm, "elbow deep in Skarsgard". I should really keep these thoughts private.


Rebecca said...

I'm so taken with Alexander Skarsgard I don't know where to start. I've just finished watching Generation Kill. You want to challenge your type? Not only is he built and slightly dead eyed - he's a marine and I still would.

But then he was in Zoolander! Orange mocha frappacino!

True Blood has only just started here. I have much anticipation.

2dognite said...

I could watch him for 7 hours straight reading a book! Not only is he smokin' hot (as you said) he's a great controlled actor: very spare, very powerful. But in interviews, he comes across across as smart, funny and humble.
True Blood season 2 is 5 episodes in here, and he is in every epi. and steals the show!

my name is kate said...

Oh god I haven't seen Generation Kill: I am going to be All Over It. Stick with True Blood, Bec, even if you think it's a bit fucked up at the start: I found it a slow burn but once you settle into it, it's sort of awesome.

And ta 2dognite, I am really looking forward to some of the more Eric-focused storylines from the books True Blood is based on to make it through to the series. If it gets cancelled before we get some full frontal just-out-of-the-shower nudity I shall demand to know why.

my name is kate said...

Oh and Bec, apparently AS reads TWOP forums from time to time, which only makes me love him more. Hot, talented and a teensy bit nerdy. Please allow me to swoon... now.