Thursday, August 6, 2009

Going up and going down

You know those little 'what's hot, what's not' lists that glossy magazines and weekend liftouts alike are so fond of running? You know how, every time you read it, at least one item and possibly all 5, 10, 15 items on there are guaranteed to make you blow up, start spouting obscenities at said magazine and demand to know what sort of authority its author has anyway? Yeah this is one of those lists, strictly limited to my own world, of course. I'm sorry.


Perth's skinny indie boy population. Clearly I just don't get out much because heading to Capitol for The Doves last week? I have never seen so much hot indie boy meat on display. A roomfull of skinny boys who look like they've been raised in a dark room? Colour me delighted.

Wine. Remember that period in my life where I thought about cutting down on this most delicious of vices? Yeah, that's out.

True Blood. Oh what's that you say? I never shut up about this bloody TV series? That's because it's awesome. This is the series that takes vampires + porn + cheese and stirs until it tastes motherflipping delicious. Oh yeah and each new male character is hotter than the last. Can we talk about Godric? Can we please??


Jumpsuits. Just say no, no, no, no. Did I once own a black ra-ra skirt? I cannot deny it. Was I fond, for a time, of wearing a certain denim skirt/black leggings combination out in public? Yes, yes I was. But none of this justifies the (re)emergence of jumpsuits as a fashion trend. Unless we're going to go full[on Star Trek and co-ordinate the entire flipping WORLD'S outfits (under which circumstances jumpsuits would be permissible), I just don't want to know about it.

Food from the work cafeteria. Say it after me: Don't. Eat. The. Creamy. Pasta. Ever.

The 7pm Project. Not bad enough to be good. Not good enough to NOT be circling the drain right now.

Misery-chasing: For all the times I have used the phrase “insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results”, I am incapable of recalling who said it first, or following their advice.

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