Monday, August 3, 2009

Hello... operator?

Believe it or not I do try not to wank on too much about my day-to-day personal life on here. Not really because I am shy about discussing such things in a semi-public forum but because my personal life is generally pretty dull. Last night, for instance, I lay on the couch and watched Weekend at Bernies. Don't get me wrong, it's a great movie, but an interesting anecdote that does not make.

But the phone call I have just had is too good/disturbing/weird not to pass on.

ME: (Answering my mobile) Hello Kate speaking.
MAN: (Mumble mumble mumble)
ME: Sorry, could you speak up I can’t hear you.
MAN: (Mumble mumble) Is Katherine there?
ME: Uh yeah speaking.
MAN: I was just wondering if you’re still single.
ME: (Sure I've misheard) Um… what?
MAN: (Very politely) I was just wondering if you’re still single.
ME: (Kinda laughing) Who is this?
MAN: I’d rather not say unless I know what your answer is.
ME: Oookay. Well no, no I am not.
MAN: So you’ve found someone then?
ME: (Now properly laughing) I have. Who IS this?
MAN: Well I’d rather not say now.

Well played, random anonymous man who somehow has my mobile number.


Bolton said...

Meanwhile that photo at the side only charms you because you want to wear it.

my name is kate said...

The only thing better than a darling little ermine? An even more darling little ermine fur wrap.

Anonymous said...

how about that WACA dude??

my name is kate said...

Great minds, anon. He was top of my list too but... really? I'd like to think WACA guy was too mature for such shenanigans...