Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Question time

1. Having complained all week that I have taken on too much why am I such a suckhole I had to put my hand up for another work assignment, thus dooming myself to failure and a healthy bout of hiding under my desk?

2. Why has my car started making a weird rattle that means I have to alternately poke the ashtray and/or tap the gearstick while driving in order to escape the audible illusion that my shitty 1988 hatchback is filled with wasps?

3. How the fuck do I put my sim card into my new iphone?


David Cohen said...

why aren't I in your personal web delight area?

please explain.

Anonymous said...

1. Because you're dedicated?

2. When my car makes that noise it needs oil.

3. At the top near the earphone plug there's a little hole for a pin.

Glad I could help.

my name is kate said...

DC - um clearly a massive oversight.

SNC - Thankyou. Can I keep you in a drawer at work and get you to answer my questions all the time?

Anonymous said...

Sure, just keep feeding me diet coke and I'll be a happy camper :)