Thursday, May 31, 2012

Apropos of nothing: Top 5 of my 25 most played songs according to my iPhone

I don't know how my iPhone works these things out and, frankly, I have my doubts about some of the songs on this list but, eh, it's rainy and cold outside, I'm supposed to be finishing my tax return and I'm looking for something, anything, to distract me right now. Play on.

Real Estate, It's Real
No surprises. My favourite song from one of my favourite albums from last year and one of those songs that basically sounds like happiness. Plus I listened to this album a lot in Italy. Like, maybe too much.

The Go-Betweens, Love Goes On
Again, no surprise. My favourite song off the only mix tape I've been given in a good three years. Charming.

Frankie Rose, Know Me.
This one surprised me. Yes it's a super cute song from a super cute album but have I seriously listened to it more than the many other cute songs on my iPhone? Apparently so.

Fleetwood Mac, Everywhere
Look, I could defend this one and honestly I... have my doubts this belongs on the list. But the fact is that there are times in my life when only a little slice of Fleetwood Mac will do.

Atlas Sound, The Shakes
I don't know what it is but the way he sings "found money... and fame" just kills me.

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