Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Question asked, question answered

Regular readers may recall that a few weeks ago I wondered aloud on this blog why my Bikram yoga instructor kept telling us we should try to look like a Japanese ham sandwich. Why Japanese and why ham, we wondered. Also: what the fuck does that mean?

Those of you left on the edge of your seat by this series of unanswered questions (...) will be relieved to hear that this week a stranger left a comment on my blog with this response:
"You are trying to "sandwich" yourself so there is no gap anywhere. When Bikram lived in Japan he ate ham sandwiches, thus the reference to "Japanese ham sandwich". Why object to such a phrase? Why not just smile instead? It certainly doesn't bother my Japanese Bikram teacher.
Leaving aside the unnecessary snarkiness (bitch, please) this response delights me, even if some googling doesn't entirely... support it (opinions, it appears, differ). I think my favourite part is the idea of Bikram kicking it around Japan eating ham sandwiches, of all things. It's kinda like going to India and eating meat pies: charming and weird.

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