Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Riddle me this

How much do I love this song, recorded by Blur's cutest bandmate Graham Coxon while he was (for reasons I won't go into) under a table?

I love it so much I just went on a mini social media stalking session to track down the long-estranged chap who introduced me to it, despite the fact that he sent me a series of super weird letters after we broke up and once tried to convince me we should co-author a book... based on our long-running email exchanges. Riiiiight. Lucky for me, I think, that he has a name apparently shared by 2 to 3 other million Twitter and Facebook users of Chinese descent. Phew. And gosh this song is lovely.


kendimen c said...

You just made me look for some info on Graham Coxon! I had no idea about this guy! Going to look for some of his music now!
So, I guess you also like their song "Coffee and TV" huh? ;)

my name is kate said...

oh he is DELIGHTFUL. Some of his solo stuff is lovely too...