Saturday, October 13, 2012

Things I truly, madly, deeply love about The Vampire Diaries

1. It is (almost always) insanely well-plotted: more happens in 10 minutes of this show than in 10 episodes of half the other shows on TV.

2. Powerful lady characters who get to do fun things and are sort of awesome. Especially Caroline, God I love her so much I want to invite her over and braid all that gorgeous hair. Also I hate her because she gets to do that with Tyler Lockwood.

3. Insanely hot dudes. Like insanely hot hot. And I don't usually like muscles.

4. Sometimes they take off their clothes.

5. Actually they take off their clothes all the time.

6. And every time a hot male character dies two more appear in his place and take their shirts off. True story.


The other Kate said...

Salvatore Salvatore Salvatore. And there is one for each of us (although as your other post suggests, how do we choose?).

my name is kate said...

I'm sort of obsessed with Tyler these days but I am, you know, fickle...