Thursday, January 31, 2013

Low point in an already fairly low day:

Having a lovely lady you've been speaking to regularly call you up to tell you the time has come for her to kill herself and she just wanted to let you know.

Even lower? Having to wait for an email the next day to learn if she did it or not.

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Lindsay said...

The worst part is...should you call her to check if she did kills herself? Is that weird? Because you a) want to know and b)need to know because that's a story, which she also knows and yet has not informed you either because a)she's dead b)she did not make the provisions to let people know as she said she would or c)she's still alive cos she changed her mind and you should not remind her of this.

It's basically a LOSE-LOSE-LOSE scenario that is unlikely to resolve itself without you looking like a horrible person. Sorry.