Friday, January 4, 2013

Rules for life (or at least for a bar)

While doing some research (read: googling) for a story this week I stumbled upon a list of so-called "house rules" that had been put together the brains at Rockpool Bar & Grill. I was disinterested as I start reading them, prepared for the usual dull shit about not being drunk or wearing thongs inside the bar or whateeeever.
Instead I found not only a guide to good bar behaviour but also - dare I say it - a general handy guide for life. (Although, for the record, I have no objection to freebies so long as I am on the receiving end)
Rockpool Bar & Grill House Rules

Best manners and temperance are expected at all times.

Don’t look fiercely at people, or talk loudly or harshly, but cultivate a smiling
countenance and a quite, but firm tone of speech.

Gentlemen, don’t approach ladies; and if you are so lucky to have one approach you,
endear her as you would your mother.

No hooting, no hollering.

Don’t bring yourself into prominence before a crowd at the bar.

Be polite and approachable, but let them advance to you.
Gentlemen, don’t interrupt or join any conversation, but if it is general you may seem interested.

Leave your attitude, with your hat at the door.

Back slapping after six drinks should be tempered with mercy.

Remember, nothing is on the house but the roof.

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