Tuesday, March 27, 2007

He's pushing 55 if he's a day...

I’m not sure what most amuses me most about this spoof Ridge Forrester website.

Is it the biography which includes a section for “crimes committed” or the bit where he apparently “unintentionally raped” his on-again-off-again wife?

Perhaps the fact that he was supposedly in his 30s when the series started and is now merely limping through his (he wishes) early 40s...

Maybe it’s just the memory of sick days on the couch watching Bold and the Beautiful when Mum and Dad weren’t home and marvelling at my ability to keep up with what was happening despite not having watched the show since my last sick day two years earlier.

Oh wait I know what it is: the realisation that the person who created it has even more time on his or her hands than me. Hurrah.

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