Friday, March 9, 2007

So I'm thinking about going red.

I mean I like my brown hair, I think it suits me fine and I'll probably be happy with it for the next 30 years or whatever but it might be time for a change.
It's not going to Run-Lola-Run red but more Crazy-Kimberley-From-Melrose-Place-Who-Freaked-Me-Out-When-She-Pulled-Off-that-Wig kind of red. I think.
As always, when faced at the prospect of making what I sadly consider a dramatic change I am paralysed by doubt and have taken to questioning both friends and strangers on whether I am Doing the Right Thing but, who cares, I'm pushing ahead with this one. See you on the other side...
UPDATE: Yes as most of you know I did go ahead with it. In the end I was talked into a browney red colour that looks maroon in the dark and flame red in the sun. I think I like it. And, yes, MJ, I will try to post a pic on here, or at least email you UK fools one.

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