Monday, March 26, 2007

What I implied to others that Andy and I would be doing on our week off and what we actually did...

What I implied:
  • eat awesome food and drink good booze.
  • see plays and art exhibitions and have intelligent discussions about them afterwards.-read intellectual books and discuss Proust.
  • rediscover Perth.

What we actually did:

  • eat awesome food and drink good booze.
  • lay on couch and rewatch BBC’s Pride and Prejudice (sorry Kym).
  • purchase RPG computer game and play until 2.30am. And repeat.
  • rediscover our mutual love for laying on couch watching movies and playing computer games.

It was awesome.

1 comment:

Bolton Gray said...

that actually sounds fucking brilliant.
but then i´m writing on a kezboard that doesnt quite have all the letters where zou would expect them. crayz germans.